To Be A Princess Among Women

I make mistakes. I have recently offended a few good friends. I am working towards making amends, towards being slightly more regal, like the girls above. But it is girls that are at the stir of this commotion.

There is a rift here, in suburbia, middle America, where I live right now, about working and mothering. I know that in theory we all make choices and support one and another; I also know that we all judge each other (at least a little). The conversation itself seems to be taboo. I know that there are books on the subject and I have read some of them, but “the conversation” is always about SAHM’s and Career Women.

This division has nothing to do with my life. I can not be a SAHM and I toil in trades that have no “dry cleaning bills” and “work suits” to discount from the family budget to justify my place in the home. I work at a job, not fancy, just a pay the bills job, and frankly, I get to stay home part of the year. I vastly prefer being home, but: pay the bills is a major player in my “choice.”

I just would like to add a third voice.  How about: I don’t really enjoy working, but, I have to and I have to put time and effort into it to support my kids. Please let’s just talk about it. I (of course) swing into all of the positions depending on mood and atmosphere, but, it creates a lot of energy and, sometimes, drama.

{psst. I am not happy with the choices}



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2 responses to “To Be A Princess Among Women

  1. A lot to think about in this post, Heather. You’re certainly not alone. I think there are a lot of women who feel this way…

  2. So do I. I think there are many of us in the middle and it is normally the people on one side or the other that dominate the conversation.

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