I haven’t left much of a trace of myself here. Not anything that would grab interest or begin a conversation. I haven’t quite decided what to do with myself here or even if I have a place doing this craft.

I really enjoy scrapping. I also love the publishing and the challenges, but, I don’t seem to be able to fit everything into my crowded little life.  Which leaves me at a cross roads. My intention with this space is to begin. I am not entirely sure that I would call myself talented or able, but, I would like to try.

The other purpose that I have for this place, time, energy, and endeavor is hopeful. I wish to choose what I see, for a little while at least. Scrapbooking and writing about it seem to me to be about choosing what to pay attention to and what to remember. A little like weeding a flower bed, I can choose which plants to tend and bring into my home.

I haven’t been entirely sure that this is right. I am not sure that I should edit moments; choose what is and what isn’t, but I am tired. I am tired of half empty glasses and always seeing all of the angles. Here, for now, I am going to count the petals and smell my roses.


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  1. Do it whenever you want- don’t take pressure with this too – there is pressure enough 🙂

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