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I am still not scrapping.

I did go to the Art Institute of Chicago:

I rather enjoyed this Cassat after my time with Spain and Spanish. Hopefully this week something crafty this way comes.


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Secret Spies and Monkeys

It has come to me in a flood of conciousness that I can’t really scrapbook for a long time. I have been watching some of you and what you do; sometimes with joy and sometimes with a loathful jealousy of your time and which I assume is less harried and your mind that is not pulverized every day. My mind and my body of work must be something else than this for a time.

I am moving forward into a career with no end. In my heart it is an artform. I breath my work and I go off to a national stage this week.

I will come back for this soon. But, I do not have time or energy to do both.

Above you see some photos I sent for to scrap…in two weeks? Sigh. We must choose. I just must accept that my wish is too big for everything to fall into rows. Bursts I hope.

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About Scrapbooking

I haven’t gotten anything together to post for a visual today; I am going to write. I don’t think that this space is much read or viewed. This gives me an open mic to explain.

I don’t like the idea of scrapbooking. It invokes images of set up situations to “remember precious moments.” I am going to add here that I don’t like Precious Moments either.  There is a similar script: savior joys of childhood and innocence and love.  Cataloguing events of minor importance, but very rarely saying anything. There is no intellectual strife, motif, or resolution. It is not art.

It can be art, in some hands. However, by and large, it is an extension of those boring albums that your family gets out. It is not the pretty picture, but the dark memory that lurks that pushes our lives.

Far and wide it is pakaged happiness, real or invented. Which brings me to this: there are some people that I don’t want to remember.

I will keep going, because I like the puzzle pieces, but, this idea that you can live these happy lives is nothing that I understand.

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Say What You Need to Say

say-what-you-meanThis was one that I couldn’t pass up!


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My Karate Kid


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Pets and Other Attractions

ursulaYes, it is true. We have a very pleasant rodent. I will eventually scrap her, but, this was too cute not to post.

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