Secret Spies and Monkeys

It has come to me in a flood of conciousness that I can’t really scrapbook for a long time. I have been watching some of you and what you do; sometimes with joy and sometimes with a loathful jealousy of your time and which I assume is less harried and your mind that is not pulverized every day. My mind and my body of work must be something else than this for a time.

I am moving forward into a career with no end. In my heart it is an artform. I breath my work and I go off to a national stage this week.

I will come back for this soon. But, I do not have time or energy to do both.

Above you see some photos I sent for to scrap…in two weeks? Sigh. We must choose. I just must accept that my wish is too big for everything to fall into rows. Bursts I hope.


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  1. Time is always the hardest thing to find. Thinking of you, girl….

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