My Purpose

I have decided to focus on lighter things. It is just because I am feeling drawn down a little bit lately. There is a lot of work to do outside of relaxation time. None of it is bad it is just the rolling of the process. Seeing goals through and marching through is my way and it is a sound path, but, right now, I want this dreamy, finding place too.

I have no grand secrets of life and joy. But, I do have some beauty and I will begin to look at it with a constant eye.

late July 001_edited-1

This is Littlest Pets with my Gabbradoodle.

late July 004_edited-1late July 003_edited-1Here we have three tweenage boys in an intercontinental war of Risk.

Play and fun. Friends and toys.



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2 responses to “My Purpose

  1. Nat

    I love your daughter’s little fortress, how fun. War of Risk- wow- I soooo hated this game- LOL – I always lost.

  2. hlawnicki

    That game is a boy thing. They were funny playing it (very dramatic).

    Thanks for being such a good friend Nat! Your the best.

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