Ah, the children and the husband.

sleepy smiles_edited-1

It seems like I should tell you about Us. We are a not totally normal normal family. One, sometimes grumpy and always loud (imagine Italian stereotypical families – lots of hand gestures) Portuguese husband. One mancub twelve year old soccer playin’ but not too old for couch snuggles. One girly Gabby, a.k.a. Gabberdoole, first grade, six year old, secret dog, and secret spy girl. Oh, and the Spanish teacher mom that often fails to get everything done.

We are far from perfect. We do know that sticking together is better than trying to do everything alone. In the last three years we have been going to grad school, working, playing, and, occasionally resting. Life has thrown us some loops. A new consulting business, some of the big questions about what family means, and work, work, work.

Fortunately, we are resilient and time heals wounds. Counting smiles is better than tears and sometimes fighting to find ways to make IT more important than could of’s and should of’s. We try.



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2 responses to “Ah, the children and the husband.

  1. what a sweet post!! It’s nice to meet you, Heather.

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